Little Learners Preschool

Students enrolling in this free preschool program need to be 4 years old by SEPTEMBER 1 and reside in Berrien County.
Use the links below to complete an application. Upon application completion, either Ms. Schelling or Mrs. Sumrall will be in touch. 
To complete the enrollment process, be prepared to share the following documents: 
  1. Official Birth Certificate
  2. Proof of Income (one of the following: previous year's tax return, previous year's W-2, or two month's current pay stubs)
This free program is run by Coloma Community Schools at Coloma Elementary School. Applications are reviewed for Head Start eligibility first. Each child must qualify for the preschool program based on guidelines that include income verification and documentation of other school success risk factors. Children who qualify for Head Start may not qualify for the GSRP program. A copy of the eligibility form is available for you to download below. 
John Klein Preschool Director

Angela Schelling

License Director/Teacher
Little Learners is open to all Berrien County residents. This preschool offers a developmentally appropriate, FREE preschool program to prepare your child to meet the ever increasing demands of Kindergarten. While our focus is on building social skills and language abilities, we also encourage appropriate school behaviors and readiness skills such as phonemic awareness.