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Super Readers

Boys and Girls, many of you know how much I love superheroes. One look in my office would let you know that. I love superheroes because they work hard, help others, and think of other people first. I know that people don’t have super powers, but being a reader is an important power that all people can have. I am looking for students who will join my team of Super Readers.

When your teacher selects you to be a Super Reader, I’ll invite you to the office with a book that you’ve been practicing. You’ll read to me and take a super-selfie with me. You'll get to take home the super-selfie and a note letting your parents know that you joined the Super Readers Club. Oh yeah, one more thing...your name will also be added to the Super Readers Club poster that is hanging in the front lobby.

I’m looking forward to you joining the team. Practice your reading at home and at school so that when you get your chance to be a Super Reader, you’ll be ready!