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LP-school-groupsThis community has a wonderful resource for families who have experienced a significant loss: Lory’s Place, a Grief Healing and Education Center for Children and Families, located in St. Joseph. Lory’s Place is a free service that runs support groups for children, teens, and adults and is now even more accessible as it is reaching out to our schools. In order to better meet the needs of our students in Coloma, a support group will be offered for students who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, grandparent, other family member, friend or other significant person in their lives. The loss does not have to be recent for a student to benefit from the group; the death might have occurred long ago but the student hasn’t yet worked through all of the feelings about the death. The group provides grief support and education.

This support groups take place at the school once a month for up to one hour during the school day. Lory’s Place will provide a group facilitator and the school social worker will also be able to participate in the group. Permission must be given by the parent or guardian for your child to participate.  A parent letter is available to print below, but you can also contact your child’s school social worker to get copies.

Feel free to contact your child’s school social worker with any questions you may have. Coloma Community Schools and Lory’s Place are both very excited about this incredible opportunity for our students and families.


Surviving Grief During the Pandemic

Lory's Place is here to support you through this challenging time with some tips and activities that will help you on your grief journey.  If you need grief support or would like additional resources please contact Lory's Place at (269) 983-2707.

Here are some creative grief activities for adults, children or families that can be done at home.
The Invisible String by Patrice Karst
The Golden Sweater:  A story of grief, strength, and love by the New York Life Foundation
KidsGrief is a free online resource that helps parents support their children when someone in their life is dying or has died.  It equips parents with the words and confidence needed to help children grieve life's losses in healthy ways.