Welcome to my webpage!   

I have had the honor of working at Coloma Community Schools elementary buildings since 1998.   I began by teaching fourth graders here at Coloma Elementary.   I was offered the opportunity to move into a first grade classroom in the 2002 school year.  My room and building have changed a few times but I've continued to work with Coloma first graders ever since.   

Professionally I achieved my elementary teaching certificate and language arts bachelor’s degree through Grand Valley State University.  I completed an elementary education master’s degree through Western Michigan University and have earned a few additional college credits.    

Personally my husband and I are both western Michigan natives.    We were both born a few counties north of Berrien County in a city along the Lake Michigan shoreline.   I adore cats but my husband is allergic so we compromised as a couple by becoming avid backyard bird parents.   We started with one seed feeder set on a rail outside our kitchen window and have continued to dedicate a bit more of our backyard to feathered guests every year.  We're up to twelve seed, a suet, two jam, and four seasonal nectar feeders as well as six baths.   Yes, we've seen people pointing and laughing when they drive by our home.  We have a small section of wild summer berries that we forage to make jam for the visiting orioles.   We also enjoy hunting for and trying to beat mammal visitors to the limited paw-paw fruits that ripen on the trees in our backyard every fall.        



Contact Information:

email: shubbell@ccs.coloma.org

phone: (269) 468-2420